What will happen at the Board of Zoning Appeals meeting?

Staff will present your request to the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) and give their recommendations, including any conditions. After staff’s presentation, you or your representative will have an opportunity to speak. Then the BZA will hold a public hearing where any citizen can speak about the application. After the public hearing is closed, the BZA will discuss the application and make their determination.

If you are requesting a variance, the BZA will approve, deny, or defer your request. If the BZA does authorize a variance, it may place conditions on that approval. The BZA may condition any variance as it deems necessary to protect the public interest. These conditions may affect the location, character, or any other element of your proposal.

If you are appealing a decision of the Zoning Administrator, the BZA will either uphold or overrule the Zoning Administrator.

After the meeting, Zoning staff will notify you in writing of the BZA’s decision, including any conditions placed on your application.

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