Will I need any other permits?
Other than a Land Disturbing Permit and Building Permit, a Health Department permit is required for plans proposing septic tanks and/or wells. Developments with sewage pumping stations or well facilities also require approval from the State Health Department. If any kind of Health Department permit is required, you will have to submit plans to both the Planning Division and the Health Department. Call the Health Department at 757-253-4813 for more information.

Please note that certain water and sewer facilities may require a special use permit before a site plan can get preliminary or final approval. Additionally, if you are building in the southern portion of the County, your water may be served by Newport News Waterworks (NNWW) instead of the JCSA. Planning staff will tell you if your plan falls under NNWW jurisdiction. If your plan will have water served by NNWW, a separate review by NNWW is required after your plan has received preliminary approval. Please contact NNWW at 757-247-8465 for questions and information about review fees.

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7. Will I need any other permits?