Scoop the Poop

Clean Up After Your Pet

Why should you pick up your pet’s waste? Pet waste contains nutrients that can cause weeds and algae to grow more rapidly which greatly impacts the health of our waterways. When plant material dies, it uses oxygen, reducing the availability of oxygen for fish and other aquatic life. Pet waste also contains parasitic worms, viruses, and bacteria that are harmful to humans and other pets. As a result, high levels of these environmental pests in our waterways lead to restrictions on swimming, fishing, and shellfish harvesting.

When walking your pet, always carry plastic bags. Use a bag to pick up dog waste, tie the bag closed, and throw it in the trash. Follow the same steps at home with indoor pet waste and kitty litter as well.

Neighborhoods and communities within James City County may apply for a free pet waste collection station provided by the Stormwater & Resource Protection Division in conjunction with the Clean Water Heritage Program. To apply, please complete our Free Pet Waste Station Application.