Conceptual Plan

Submitting a Conceptual Plan

Prior to the submission of any type of case review the applicant or his representative is advised to submit 6 copies of a conceptual plan for review by the Planning Division. A conceptual plan helps staff get a general idea for the proposed project and gives the chance for early discussion about potential site design issues before significant investment in engineering fees. Please note though that after conceptual review, a site plan, subdivision plat, or rezoning or special use permit application will still be necessary to get official approval for the project. The Planning Division shall transmit comments to the applicant within 21 days of submittal of a plan which meets all applicable submittal criteria (Sec. 24-144 of the County Code).

Engineered drawings to scale are not required with the conceptual plan. The drawing submitted should illustrate the applicant’s proposed changes in relation to the property lines and existing buildings. There is a $26.25 review fee and application due at time of submission.

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