New Bill FAQs

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What does this mean for me?

  • You will get a new bill for JCSA water and JCSA sewer collection
  • You will get an HRSD bill for HRSD wastewater treatment

Why is this happening? Now I’ll have 2 bills instead of 1.

  • JCSA needs to modernize our billing 
  • New billing is one part of a larger project to update older, separate software systems with one unified system 

When is this starting?

  • February 2024, more information is coming soon

How does this help the customer?

  • New bill is easier to understand with all use in gallons
  • New bill has a water use graph to identify high usage and promote conservation
  • Separate bills reduce confusion about who to call

Will I get a paper bill?  

  • All customers will receive a paper bill for the first bill in February 
  • Customers can sign up for paperless delivery on JCSA’s new customer portal 

Will my due date be the same and will I have the same amount of time to pay?

  • The due date for the new JCSA bill will be similar to the HRUBS bill 
  • Customers have the same amount of time to pay
  • Bills are due 21 days after the bill date

How can I pay my JCSA bill?

  • All current payment methods will be available: credit card, paper check, eCheck, Bill Pay through your bank, PayPal, or cash at 119 Tewning Rd, Williamsburg
  • Pay online on JCSA’s new customer portal, pay by text, pay by phone, or pay in person 
  • Autopay enrollment available on the portal
  • One-time payment without creating an account is available on the portal

Is there a fee to pay by credit card or eCheck?

  • There is a convenience fee of $2.75 to pay by credit card
  • There is no fee to pay by eCheck

How and when can I make an account and enroll in JCSA’s new customer portal?

  • A portal link with instructions on how to enroll and make a new account will be available on JCSA’s website in early January

What about paperless delivery?

  • Customers can sign up for paperless delivery on JCSA’s new customer portal 

Can I still pay my JCSA bill online using HRSD’s website?

  • No, you need to use the JCSA portal to pay the JCSA bill online

I use Bill Pay through my bank.  How do I add JCSA?

  • You will need to log on to your bank Bill Pay service and add JCSA as a new vendor

Will rates go up on the new bill? 

  • No, rates will be the same on the new bill

Will I be double charged since I’m going from 1 bill to 2 bills? 

  • No. The old HRUBS bill has JCSA water, JCSA sewer collection, and HRSD wastewater treatment. The new JCSA bill will have JCSA water and JCSA sewer collection. HRSD wastewater treatment will be on a separate HRSD bill.

Who will I call for customer service? 

  • Questions about the JCSA bill for water service and sewer collection go to JCSA customer service at 757-253-6800 
  • Questions about the HRSD bill for treatment go to HRSD customer service at 888-275-4782

What will the new bill look like? 

Where can I find my new account number?