Green Infrastructure Plan Steering Committee

The Green Infrastructure Plan Steering Committee will be made up of stakeholders representing a variety of viewpoints. The membership in this committee is limited to seven and members must apply and be appointed by the County's Board of Supervisors. This committee will last approximately 10 months and meet 4-6 times beginning in November 2021. The first meeting will be scheduled for the week of November 8th. 

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Committee members will evaluate maps and models of the best natural resources and culturally important landscapes in the County as well as opportunities to improve areas. Members will also be asked to assist with suggesting outreach ideas and ways to increase public engagement and interest in the project. Members are encouraged to consult with their neighbors, colleagues and others to bring additional perspectives to the group. There will also be community surveys and a workshop to provide for participation by the general public. The County will include relevant perspectives from the recently concluded engagement around the Comprehensive Plan update such as ideas and goals already generated concerning parks, open spaces, conservation or community character.

  • The committee is advisory only and is not a decision making body. The committee will seek consensus whenever possible in making recommendations to the county. Advice will be provided for consideration by the Board of Supervisors in adopting any maps or recommendations. Facilitation will be provided by the Green Infrastructure Center (GIC).
  • No technical skills are needed to participate in this project. The GIC facilitation team will provide all the necessary background and information to participate. The GIC will also support the project through mapping and strategy development. The County will also provide input and review to ensure a quality product.

  • Meetings will be scheduled to last approximately 2-3 hours and at times that are most convenient to the majority of participants. Meetings may be a combination of on-line or in person depending on any concerns with safety related to the Covid19 Pandemic. Any in-person meetings will be held with safety protocols in place to ensure all are comfortable and safe in any in-person meetings.

  • All perspectives will be captured during the meeting and all viewpoints will be respected. Participants will be asked to listen for new understanding, and will be invited to bring new ideas and data to the table. Meeting summaries will be sent following each meeting to ensure that ideas and actions are captured and committee members can communicate with County staff at any time during the process. 

Staff Contact: Tammy Rosario, Assistant Director of Community Development - Email

If you are interested in serving on the Steering Committee, apply here.

Applications are due by Oct. 17.

Learn more about the Green Infrastructure Plan effort here.