Potential Projects

The following projects have been identified as being relevant and viable in JCC. They are also consistent with other County attributes or missions of existing organizations. Those organizations could serve as partners with other public or private entities, or could take the lead on implementation. It is not the intention that the County or REDC necessarily fund or be entirely responsible for action on these projects, but rather the REDC will encourage private, public, not for profit or a combination of entities that could merge these projects into their individual strategies.

Marketing/Public Relations

  1. Promote Farmers’ Markets
  2. Celebrate existing agriculture opportunities & successes
  3. Promote use of local timber & woodland
  4. Promote Agri- & Eco-tourism
  5. Promote equine opportunities

Business Development

  1. Create an information clearinghouse
  2. Create an Environmental Offsets Program
  3. Develop an agriculture incubator


  1. Create a Food Hub
  2. Develop IQF/Cold Storage Facility
  3. Develop a Community Kitchen
  4. Create capital loan/ financial incentive program
  5. Develop a Rural Activities Center (see Agri-tourism)