Refund/Credit Policy

Weather and Emergency Closings

If there is no program due to inclement weather or emergencies (snow, ice, tornado, hurricane, power outages, etc.) then a credit, not a refund, will be issued for missed days that the participant was scheduled to attend for the week.

A credit will be applied to household accounts within 2 weeks of the missed time. Parents are still responsible for weekly payments during this time, regardless of the expected household credit.

Injury, Illness or Family Emergency

A credit, not a refund, will be issued if there is a change of payment status or no services were rendered due to injury, illness or family emergency. The Before and After-School Program is a flat rate program, and a credit will only be issued if a child misses the full week. Neither refunds nor credits will be given for missed days due to suspension or temporary removal from the program.

A Credit/Refund Form must be filled out within 7 days of missed time (hand-stamped or postmarked). Credits and/or refunds will be assessed a 10% processing fee. A refund will be given for relocation of 35 miles from the James City County Recreation Center.

Credit/Refund Form

Fill out our Credit/Refund form online. Please refer to the REC Connect Parent Handbook for further details regarding the refund and other general policies.