Online Permit

Find permits information, request inspections, check inspections status and more. You will need to request a customer identification number and a personal identification number (PIN) to use ePermit. You may obtain these by calling our front counter at 757-253-6620.

If the permit has been obtained by a licensed contractor, schedule your inspection online. You must have your customer ID and Password to schedule your inspection on this site. If the permit has been obtained by a homeowner, property owner, or tenant you must call 757-253-6620. Please know your permit number when you call.

Important Note

Until further notice, please disregard billing information accompanying your email notification of services from Building Safety and Permits. The billing information on the emails you received, itemize costs for needed services. Currently, they will show a payment is required even if you have already paid. This system is still under construction and you should ignore the amount due information for now. 

ePermit is your vehicle for obtaining services but it’s not an accounts receivable system. When construction on this system is complete the postings will itemize costs for needed services and they will show when a payment is required. We hope to have this system working soon.

Scheduling Inspections

When scheduling inspections on the ePermit website please remember the following:

  • Please note that for new 1 and 2 Family dwellings, the trade permits will automatically be scheduled at the time the framing inspection is requested. Trade inspections will not be conducted prior to framing inspections.
  • We will not conduct a final building inspection until all trade inspections have passed. Trade inspections will not be done concurrently with the final building inspection. Final building inspections scheduled without all other trades passed will automatically be canceled.
  • Please remember to schedule a concrete encased electrode inspection when a footing inspection has been scheduled for a new building.
  • Footing inspections must pass before a first foundation request will be authorized
  • Inspections must generally be conducted in the proper sequence. Thank you for your help in tracking your own inspections prior to requests; it helps us get the inspections scheduled when you need them.