1. Crime Information

    Crime prevention is the primary function of this Department and aims at creating in the minds of James City County residents and business persons, an awareness of the roles they can individually and collectively play in the reduction and/or prevention of crime.

  2. Fraud Alert

    Police have received several reports of scams occurring in James City County and surrounding areas. Please make sure that your elderly friends and family members know about scams because they are often targeted by criminals.

  3. Gang Awareness

    The James City County Police Department is committed to enhancing its efforts towards the prevention of criminal street gangs in our community.

  4. Most Wanted

    Warrants are issued and/or served on a continuous basis, therefore names of wanted persons may or may not appear on the list.

  5. Submit a Crime Tip

    If you have any information about illegal drugs, gangs, weapons or can provide information that may help solve a crime, please send the information to the Police Department.